Label Stripper / Scraper

Label Stripper/Scraper is to remove label from Grinded PET Bottle. It is design as per the output i .e kg/hr.


The Label Scraper is suitable to remove labels and sleeves of all the kinds as well as external drit from beverages bottles comes from all post consumer area.
The label scraper removes labels and exernal dirt fro the beverages bottles by mechncical firiction between cutting elements on a rotating durm and fixed elements in exchangeable housing component.
The Stator elements can be pre-adjuested from different bottle sizes and cabe adujst if necessary.
In this section a thermal sensor has been installed constantly measuring the temperature.
The crushed labels and the removed dirt are discharged off the machine together with the bottles and are separated from the material stream over a further process.


  • PPM-250TD
  • PPM-500TD


  • 75/500
  • 110/1000

Cyclone diameter

  • 800 mm
  • 1400 mm

Gas Burner / Electrial Heater

  • 150kw
  • 300kw

Motor HP

  • 20 HP
  • 50 HP


  • 300-600 kg/hr
  • 500-1200 kg/hr
PET Label Remover from Bottle
PET Bottle Washing Plant