Pelletizing/Repelletizing a wide range of application in the pelletizing of polyolefins can be handled using single screw extruder. Proven concepts with and without grooved feed zone and combination with & without a barrier screw permit high output and outstanding dispersion results with and without Degassing/Vented design. We have different pelletizing/cutting method of different polymer condition as follows.

Strand Pelletizer
Die-Face Water ring
Die-face Air Cooling
Die-face Under Water cutting are used, depending on the application in hand. Material venting and smooth feed bushes can be supplied for special application.

We are also able to develop equipment designed at the specific request of our customers: both machine manufacturers and end users, recyclers.

We supply water and air die face cutters, feeding systems, extruders, screen changer (melt filters), grinders, washing tanks, centrifuges, drying units, storage silos, augers, agglomerators and much more: browse on our website and fill out the form to request more information on the machine or plants that interests you.